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Where do I begin to express just how truly grateful I am for Sheyenne Learning Academy. There genuinely are not enough words but I am going to try. Sheyenne Learning Academy became FAMILY when my son was just 6 weeks old- he is now 16 months old. SLA provides an incredible amount of support, showing my son constant patience, understanding, and kindness. They allow me to return to work confident that my son is being cared for, nurtured, and loved. My son has struggled with food aversion since he was 10 months old, and I have been extremely blessed with all the teachers at SLA as they have dedicated much of their time during meals to individually work with him. I get updates on my son throughout the day, and pictures and art projects to take home and frame. My son took some of his first steps with the teachers there, started saying some of his first words, ate his first piece of solid food and had many other firsts- and it has always been communicated directly to me as soon as they are able to. I have never been so confident in choosing a childcare as I have been in choosing them! Seeing my son light up the moment we walk through the doors and reach for his teachers as they greet him each morning lets me know that he loves you and the care you all have given him and for that, I will forever be grateful for all of you. I thank them for loving my son unconditionally.


Jenna S (Childcare Parent of Multiple Students)

I am very grateful to Sheyenne Learning Academy and for what they have done and continue to do for our children!

Marwa W (Parent of multiple preschool children)

First of all, the kids love it! The teachers play with them, they teach them, they give them breaks if they need a break, and are very nice to the students. If you have a baby, all the kids and teachers will love them and make sure they have a good naps. Preschool teaches kids how to write their name, numbers through 20, and having fun with their friends too! The teachers pay a lot of attention to what is going on around the place. Their food is great. They always make sure that your kid has a great time at daycare or preschool. Now let’s talk about how school age is the best. If you have to go to work don’t worry, your kids will want to go to go to school age. Your older child will have fun even in the winter! The 2-year-old room has toys your kids will love. There are toys to crawl through and climb. The teachers like to play with the kids. All the kids love the gym, there is room for probably 35 kids in there and everyone can run around.

Theodore S (School Ager Student)

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